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Hypnotherapy is incredibly, really effective

The science backs up what hypnotherapists have known for thousands of years 


We Provide Online Services

As well as our local clinics we also offer online therapy services. This is just as effective as a visit to one of our clinics - have a free telephone or online consultation to find out more

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Success Stories
Years Of History
Therapy Options

Hypnotherapy In Action

Many famous people have used hypnosis to help themselves become successful. They have been hypnotised to become more creative, have better focus, be more disciplined, and have better control of their minds.

Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill
Jackie Kennedy
Jackie Kennedy
Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner
Princess Diana
Princess Diana

Tailored Therapies

Each person is different and we tailor our therapy programmes to each individual

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We use the latest hypnosis techniques as well as drawing on older proven traditional methods.

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N.L.P.Neuro Linguistic Programming

Combining hypnosis with N.L.P. techniques can enhance success rates.


C.B.T.Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

C.B.T. can also be a standalone therapy or combined with other therapies to great effect.

It's Good To Talk


Our Thinking

It can be tough to ask for help so we try to make it as easy as possible.




Ask away. 15 minutes initial consultation is free to discuss your issue




Highly qualified and continuing professional development.




We offer a call back service should you need support during therapy


Challenge Your Beliefs

The picture to the right could be taken as an analogy for your brain. Noting that only your behaviour is visble, it is interesting to note that most of the things that make us unique are on the sub conscious level or 'under the water'. If we believe that we won't succeed or that therapy won't succeed, our sub conscious brain tells us to make it so. To move forwards in our lives we very often have to change our attitudes, perceptions and therefore our beliefs. The power of the subconscious is mighty with the cleverist person on the plant only using 5% of their 'conscious' brain.

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